Furniture Repair

Many customers come to us from all walks of life, so we are prepared to serve anyone! Our technicians are trained to repair both residential and commercial furniture. While we have many private customers, we also serve larger companies needing repairs for restaurant, office and hospitality-based furniture. So, whether you are a home-owner or a restauranteur, a renter or a corporate office executive, we can help!

Our detail-focused team will give proper attention to any damage your furniture may have, including dents, dings, scratches, gouges, tears, rips, fraying, warping, breaks and fractures. We repair couches, sofas, loveseats, ottomans, beds, bed frames, murphy beds, day beds, futons, springs, chairs, tables, desks, dressers, cabinets, upholstery, leather, vinyl, microfiber, filling. PET, Dacron, broken mechanisms, broken hinges, molding, veneer, seams
We offer regraining, regluing, color matching, dyeing, glazing, grain matching and refinishing
We can also remove odors and all kinds of stains, including those as a result of pet, water and smoke damage. Our technicians can also repair vehicle interiors too!
For hotels and restaurants we offer a scheduled maintenance program to ensure all wood surfaces are kept in optimal condition. Call us for more information!

We provide rug and carpet cleaning and repair as well. We will pick your rug or carpet up, clean or repair and then deliver your rug back, in the best possible condition. Spot cleaning or small repair can be on side within your location.

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